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Call me psychic, but I’m assuming you picked up this book because you’re open to the sport of casino gambling. I make the following assumptions about you, my dear reader: I You’re preparing for an upcoming visit to a casino and want to under- stand the basics and correct protocol before entering that foreign world. I You may be familiar with most games, but you simply want some tips to improve your performance and skills I You want to win when you gamble in a casino. I You also want to have fun. (Sure, casino gambling is entertainment, but it’s a lot more fun when chips are flowing in your direction.) Are you an expert who doesn’t really identify with these assumptions? Don’t worry. I provide a few advanced tidbits for the more experienced gambler as well, so you don’t feel left out. How This Book Is Organized Like other For Dummies books, each chapter is self-contained, so you can read only the chapters that interest you most. This modular feature allows each section to stand alone, without demanding that you read the rest of the book. For example, if you’re anxious to throw some dice, feel free to fast-forward to the craps chapter. That said, the book does have a logical sequence, and the following sections give you a better idea of its five major parts. (You can also check out the table of contents and index to see what interests you.)


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