Choosing a First Dance Song for your Wedding

First Dance at a Manytones Performance

Choosing your first dance song is one of many things that you will want to be perfect on your big day, but don't let it stress you out! We take the worry out of this decision by providing you with some useful hints and tips based on our experience of performing at hundreds of weddings.........

Making a decision will be a different process for every couple. For some people its simply a "Oh - do you remember this song, thats our song" - in which case, your hard work is probably already taken care of.

For others its a myriad of difficult decisions and possibly even a compromise. You are both the perfect match - but that doesn't mean you enjoy the same music, right? But have no fear, this Wedding is about YOU after all . All that matters is that you both enjoy yourselves, feel comfortable and focus on each other. Hopefully the pointers below will at least help you to move in that direction!

How do we begin to choose our First Dance song?

For some couples this can be relatively straight forward. It could be a song you both loved when you first got together, a song that played when you first kissed, or something that just reminds you both of a magical time - perhaps a concert/gig, holiday or travel experience? In any case here, you've probably got a straight forward and easy agreement!

For other couples it can be a bit more difficult. You may not both like the same music and may want different things from a first dance. Perhaps try to hone in on a song (or artist) that you both like? It needn't necessarily be a love song - but a song of sentiment always helps with the "awww" factor when you both take to the floor.

The Wedding Theme may also play a part in your song selection. You may have a vintage themed wedding - in which case a Crooner song, slower ballad, or Jazz standard may work. If you've gone 1920's - a hard rock ballad might not have the same effect! If you have an outdoor retro vibe - perhaps an acoustic tune, or modern folk classic may work.

Should we have a choreographed routine?

In the last six years or so we've seen a number of choreographed routines and we have to be honest here - Some work, some don't. It all ultimately boils down to how comfortable you both feel, how you think your guests will react and perhaps less importantly - how well you can dance.

If you go for dance lessons and choreograph a routine - be sure to check that your version of the song is the same length and tempo as the track your DJ or band plays on the night. Otherwise you could be on the dance floor less, or more than planned!

Being able to dance well however isn't a pre-requisite. At livelier weddings the moral support and encouragement from guests has really gotten the wedding entertainment (and dance) off to a flyer. Choreographed routines often work best with quicker tempo first dance routines - particularly when the audience can get involved early on! If the theme of your wedding is fun - and you are the type of couple that enjoys a good giggle, then go for it! If it's likely to make you or your partner uncomfortable, then maybe focus on a dance that allows you to just enjoy each others sheer presence and the most wonderful moment in your life together.

Should the band perform your first dance live?

At The Manytones we perform every first dance live. However, when selecting your first dance you need to able to consider if the band are able to perform the material. If you have a male fronted band for example - and its a female vocal, it could be difficult. Other potential problems involve the genre of your song. Can your Vintage Swing Band perform an Indie classic, or can your Jazz band perform a pop song? If you have booked a band of strong musicians, chances are they will be able to adapt and alter the key to suit the vocalist if required.

The final word

The most important thing to remember here. It's YOUR Wedding, you can do what YOU want and its important you absolutely 100% enjoy yourselves. Don't create more pressure in what should be a wonderful time! Also, don't be afraid to ask the Band or DJ to invite your guests onto the floor after a verse or two - if you would rather spend less time in the spotlight!

If you talk it through and (hopefully) agree and consider the hints and tips above, it will be perfect. We promise!

The Manytones

We've attached a playlist of popular first dance songs below that may give you some inspiration.

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