The Band Booking Process

The Booking Process:

So you’ve made you enquiry – and agreed a quote and you would like to book the band. Great news all round. But how do you go about securing the booking, what are the payment terms, how do you know your booking is protected, and what will we do following the booking? We’ve attempted to outline and pre-empt as many questions as possible in our guide below.

How do I reserve a booking?

In order to reserve a booking simply reply via e-mail with the following:

  1. Name and Full Address of the person making the booking (the payee)

  2. Name and Address of Venue

  3. Start time for performance

  4. Finish time of the venue (maximum 1am)

We will then draw up legal paperwork, confirmation documents and a deposit invoice which will be sent in PDF format electronically back for you.

Do I need to make a Deposit?

Yes. The simple reason being we need to protect ourselves to ensure bookings taken are adhered to – as you can appreciate, booked gigs are a valuable source of income for all of our musicians. We take a 20% deposit at the point of booking which is retained for safe keeping until the event. What this deposit also does from your side of the agreement is provide a level of protection against the booking. Deposits will not be taken until the legal paperwork has been agreed and signed by all parties.

What legal paperwork is provided?

A legal contract tying the band into a performance and band engagement agreement. This outlines the following

  1. The length of time of the performance

  2. The size of the band, and the options you have selected

  3. The arrival time

  4. The finish time

  5. It legally commits the band to your booking

  6. The total amount payable for the booking (inclusive of the 20% deposit)

  7. The payment terms for the deposit and the final balance payment (the remaining 80%)

The Paperwork is then electronically signed using a secure online portal “Hello Sign” which is legally recognised. It must be signed by both parties and contains a full audit trail for legal protection. It cannot be altered or doctored following signature. Once this is signed copies are provided to both parties and a deposit invoice is sent for the 20% deposit fee.

What happens following the booking process?

When all paperwork has been received and a deposit payment via bank transfer has been received. A remittance advice/receipt is sent along with a full wedding pack. The Wedding pack contains several documents outlining hints and tips for your wedding, and several questionnaires which we require to be completed. This all ensures a smooth transition and makes sure we provide you with the best possible service. We will also send a copy of our Public liability insurance and PAT testing documents to your venue.

When is the final payment due?

The final payment is due one month before your scheduled booking (the remaining 80% following deposit) via electronic bank transfer. At this point, we will also touch base with you to finalise arrangements in the lead up to your wedding as we know plans can change! Once payment is received we will forward a remittance advice. We are of course available for any questions throughout the whole period from booking to final performance – so feel free to contact us at any time.

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